Pakistan Oils & fats Updates Jan - Sep 2017
by Faisal Iqbal
At the end of third quarter of 2017 the oils and fats imports in Pakistan showed a significant increase of 23.3% when compared with the same period of last year. The industry has imported a total of 2.41 million MT of oils and fats and 1.92 million MT of oilseed by the end of September of this year. The increase in the volume of oils and fats import is largely attributed to the bullish local market, steady international prices and increased off take by the consumer. The local stocks of edible oil which were around 150,000 MT in January have also built up and are now approximately 255,000 MT.

Import of oilseed, which is also a major contributor in the edible oil and feed industry in Pakistan shows an increase of 38% at the end of September 2017. This increase is primarily due to the increased import of soybean which has replaced the imported soymeal and becoming a major supply of local feed industry.

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